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Another great performance by Joaquin Phoenix. The movie does a good job of being serious and funny at the same time, usually in the very same scene.ย  The character development is great and you care about the main character quickly in the movie. It is also a very 'real' feeling movie, it is how you would imagine a handicapped alcoholic's life to be. Because it was directed by Gus Van Sant, he can't help but inject homosexuality into it. I remember the first film I watched by him was 'My Own Private Idaho' (starring Joaquin's late brother, River) and it was super gay, but it was much more taboo back then and made sense in the movie. The gayness in 'He Won't Get Far' definitely feels forced, but luckily there's only a tiny bit of it and it doesn't detract from the movie overall. Also, not sure if it was unintended, but Jonah Hill's character is gay, he flies from CA to NY to have gay party sex (nothing is shown), and ends up dying of AIDS.ย  At least there's a lesson there! ย  There's also a loud, annoying gay black side character, but the movie makes a point of allowing him to be viewed as annoying, and not just a hero. In regards to the fedora tipping, the movie jokes about God throughout, but in an AA way. Its difficult to explain, but it makes sense given the context. If any blasphemy bothers you, then you'd probably dislike the movie. However, the movie touches on the 'everything happens for a reason' issue and questioning faith, etc. Overall, I thought it was done well with respect to faith and spirituality. Gus Van Sant's directing style is unique too and one I really like. I don't know if Rooney Mara's character was even real or all in his imagination, but the beauty of his directing is it could go either way and the movie still works out.ย  There is a lot of jumping around in time throughout the movie, but it's generally obvious enough and helps break up any parts that start to drag. Overall, its a solid movie, doesn't feel too long, and I think I laughedย  more during this movie than any random comedy these days. There are multiple scenes just showing him zooming around in his wheelchair, bouncing around, got a chuckle out of me every time. Oh yeah, and if you know any alcoholics or are one yourself, its very relatable!
Jan 10th 2023
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