Movie Monday: ‘The Way of Water’ Wins Fourth Straight

If someone was going to make a movie about director James Cameron, it might be titled Cameron: The Way of Money.

For the fourth straight weekend, Avatar: The Way of Water topped the domestic box office, adding another $45 million to its already overflowing coffers. The Way of Water has earned $516.8 million in North America in less than a month and shows little signs of stopping. The Avatar sequel is doing even better overseas, if you can believe it. Add in its international grosses, and The Way of Water has banked more than $1.7 billion total. Yep, you could say that The Way of Water is making cash in … waves.

Now, let’s just rewind our conversation for a minute and recall that back in November, Cameron told GQ Magazine that The Way of Water would have to be “the third or fourth...

Jan 9th 2023
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