‘Women Talking’ Isn’t What We Expect

Sarah Polley’s “Women Talking” is set in an isolated religious community and centers on women who are contemplating leaving their homes.

The reason?

Men nearby have been sneaking into their homes at night and assaulting them. The women decide they have three options to vote on: Do Nothing, Stay and Fight or Leave.

Initially, the discussion circles around the idea that leaving their homes will lead to damnation in hell. Others question the logic of staying, as well as how their faith plays a part in their decision to either flee or remain as they are.

Sadly, the film is based on a true story.

In 2011, a group of men were accused of drugging and raping women in a Bolivian Mennonite community. The film is based on the Miriam Toews’ 2018 novel of the same name.

Two things...

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Jan 7th 2023
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