absurdist sci-fi comedy
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Watch it in one sitting. I made the mistake of watching the first and second parts a week from each other. The best part is immersing yourself in this crazy land. I looked up film analysis after and I think everyone agrees it is making fun of Capitalist societies. I put Neo-Marxism because there's no Marxism option. Close enough. The Russians With Attitude podcast revealed to me that their slang is wordplay I missed. patsak katsap ะฟะฐฬั†ะฐะบ ะบะฐั†ะฐฬะฟ etsilop police ะธั†ะธะปะพะฟ ะฟะพะปะธั†ะธั RWA explained that "katsap" is a Ukrainian slur for Russians. The film is from the 80's so I don't think it means anything about Ukrainians. Although, before the war I remember Russian friends describing Ukrainians as greedy and wanting to do as little work as possible. So maybe. Some leftist YouTuber says the first planet is a satire of capitalist societies and the flower planet is a satire of white supremacist societies. Close enough. I think both planets are how Soviets viewed the West. The plant one was fascism or I think the Nordic countries and natural order. I disagree with the Socialist plot but you can think of it as poking at neo-liberalism instead. The movie is not preachy. It's funny and bizarre and doesn't feel like communist propaganda. Think Monty Python or "The God's Must Be Crazy."
Jan 6th 2023
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