Buck Privates, 1941 - ★★★★½

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One of my old traditions was to watch an Abbott & Costello film around the New Year. How did this start? I have no real answer, just that I grew up with these two fools, and in my youth I was always awestruck by comedians. I naturally gravitated toward them. I was probably the only 7 and 8 year old who did Harpo Marx and Red Skelton for Halloween in the 90s. So here I am, back at a classic and personal favorite, reminiscing of the times I've watched Buck Privates with my grandfather who served in the Korean War or my mother who just loves movies.

This time my wife sat next to me doing her own thing, but constantly giggled when Costello did his part of the act. "I was only lookin' at her to see if she was lookin' at me to see if I was lookin' at her!" Her reactions...

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Jan 5th 2023
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