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The trailer just came out today and I am going to have to point out the obvious... look at the f**king cast.. where are the men? it's a single parent woman lead household family drama but maybe it's unintentionally redpilled because the mother who has an obvious trans-male (look up the actress) daughter is demon possessed the 2013 movie was alright because the sjw stuff hadn't kicked into full gear yet but of course they were going to cast the movie like this and write it like this in the current year So we go from the classics that had an alpha male with a square jaw line to entirely estrogen filled wahmen and kids and a character with probably surgical scars where her breasts would have been... those cultural Marxist sex therapists from the 19th and 20th century or whenever did way more damage to society with their books than any eldritch "book of the dead" Necronomicon nonsense ever could.
Jan 5th 2023
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