Great movie with almost no woke...
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Great movie with almost no woke bullsh*t. I admittedly watched it because of some of the buzz around it not being another Hollywood propaganda piece, but it stands up as a great movie all on its own. The narrative pacing is spot on and you don't get bored throughout the movie, the cinematography is excellent, and you get invested in the characters quickly. Cons:ย  Nicole Kidman must have stopped drinking baby's blood, because she looks like a demon from hell (it is honestly distracting how gross she looks), the fighting choreography feels clunky, and some of the faked accents are distracting as well (I would prefer these movies be 100% subtitled - I end up turning them on anyway because of the thick accents). Other than some of that superficial stuff, it is a wild movie and fun to watch. Its like a slow burning Nordic John Wick -- I'm sure revenge is some sort ofย  sin, but it feels good to watch characters build up rage and seek retribution. I have zero historical background, so I have no clue what was accurate in that department, but from what I've gleaned, they did a good job. Finally, they had a perfect amount of realism and fantasy, so you can easily buy into the mystical aspects, as this is an ancient tale, not an explicitly historical account. Watch it!
Jan 3rd 2023
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