A genuine good film
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Picked this film because I found it right here on Zeitgeist and I completely agree with the review of Intolerant on several account. The film is a collection of several short stories, all of which work and are enjoyable to watch, with only the first being a satire of the genre, the other ones are a mixture of comedic, tragic, romantic and the last one is an allegory on death, so the slow move from comedic to tragic works really well. On the level of wokeness, it gets a 0 basically, all the main characters are White, except the Indian raiding parties, not a single negro or a chinamen in the entire film, the Indians are portrayed as savage and cruel, with one of the cowboys describing the faith of a woman captured by Indians in a way that's historically accurate, the woman are portrayed accurately as weak and demure, religion mostly gets its proper place, etc rephrasing Intolerant. It is not of course a children's film, with plenty of violence, prostitution and heavy gambling, but I am not the old woman in the stagecoach, so I don't care, some more points, the film accurately shows different classes of society, which a lot of of contemporary films fail to do, we get a lot of cameo's from foreigners, like the French or Irish, which is equally accurate for the time period and the many karmic and tragic deaths are also a joy to watch. On the actors themselves, well I didn't get the impression any one really stands out, though I did enjoy the romance story during the caravan and the two lead-actors, Tom Waits as a prospector was also fun to watch and the last stage-coach scene had some nice hams. Overall I highly recommend this!
Jan 3rd 2023
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