Movie Tuesday: ‘Way of Water’ Splashes to Third Win

With no new releases in theaters last weekend (and just one major newcomer—White Noise—on the streaming services), Avatar: The Way of Water had no trouble floating to a third-straight victory. In fact, it didn’t skip a beat.

The Way of Water earned an estimated $63.4 million in North America during the three-day New Year’s weekend. It garnered $63.3 million during the Christmas weekend just seven days earlier. It’s rare for a movie to increase its grosses week-over-week—but keep in mind, Christmas was frigid. Plenty of folks just wanted to sit at home and eat their Christmas candy.

The second Avatar movie has now earned $440.5 million in North America, if you count Monday’s estimates as well—finishing 2022 in second place behind Top Gun: Maverick ($718.7 million)....

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Jan 3rd 2023
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