Zombie Kung-Fu
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Not as good as "A Chinese Ghost Story" but still pretty good. You probably already know but they use honorifics that can be translated as "uncle" or "brother." I prefer literal translations over localization even if it's awkward like one scene where a girl asks her "uncle" to "molest her" heh... Oh, and the guy dancing like a chicken is because "chicken" is slang for prostitute in Chinese. So, this movie also has the female ghost male human (FGMH?) dynamic, but it's a side plot. The main focus is comedy and action. I think "A Chinese Ghost Story" had a very unique interpretation of it that makes her sweet. Because it seems she is usually portrayed as a succubus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_supernatural_beings_in_Chinese_folklore#:~:text=N%C3%BC%20gui%20(Chinese%3A%20%E5%A5%B3%E9%AC%BC,while%20wearing%20a%20red%20dress. I actually couldn't find much about ghost love stories or marrying ghosts. I think I'm mistaken on how common it is. Maybe it's just selection bias since I saw these two movies around the same time. https://theappendix.net/issues/2013/4/the-woman-in-green-a-chinese-ghost-tale-from-mao-to-ming-1981-1381 Side note: It turns out marrying dead people is a real thing in China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_ghost_marriage#Theft_of_female_corpses Anyways, pretty good movie. Watch it if you like Kung-Fu and retro horror.
Jan 3rd 2023
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