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Fester Blatt's review of Pit Sawat reminded me of this movie. It's a forbidden love story, but between a man and a ghost. This is common in Asian folklore I guess. Which I think is amazing because it's not like the 1990 "Ghost" where you need a magical negro to channel your dead lover. In Asian folklore the ghost can touch you sometimes and they've got all sorts of different rules like the zombies with paper on their forehead. Idk how it works but it makes for a unique viewing experience. To be fair though, I've always loved yokai anime and any sort of mythology movies so without my bias I think it's 4/5 stars. Still, if you want something very fresh and not like the formulaic stuff you always see, then give it a shot. A lot of the cultural references will likely go over your head but you can piece it together through context. Most of the humor crosses all borders and the soundtrack is great. I couldn't find any good Eng Sub versions online. This one has funky framerate if you don't mind: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x46ovps This one has good frame rate but is low res: a.chinese.ghost.story part 1 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 2 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 3 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 4 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 5 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 6 (eng.sub)

a.chinese.ghost.story part 7 (eng.sub)

Jan 2nd 2023
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