Suspect in Times Square 'Jihadist' attack was - you guessed it - known by the FBI

Trevor Bickford, a Maine man, is the suspect accused of slashing two New York City Police officers in Times Square with a machete. Bickford recently converted to Islam and may have ties to Islamic Extremism. His motive was unknown.

One thing, or person, who was known is Trevor Bickford. According to Fox News, Bickford was...wait for it...

"A high-level police source also tells Fox News Digital that Bickford was being watched by the FBI's counterterrorism task force in the weeks leading up to Saturday's attack. The source also said Bickford recently converted to Islam."

This is the weapon that was recovered at the scene.

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) January 1, 2023

At a press conference, FBI's Michael Driscoll said that "the FBI,...

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