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Watched this with my sweetheart, while the both of us where spending our day in bed recovering from the New Years celebration, since I like The Addams Family and she likes Tim Burton, this should have been a good show for the both of us and it kinda was, though I have plenty to say that isn't woke related. My main gripe about this show is that it just doesn't adhere to the source material or interprets it in a way that elevates it. The original show was a comedy, the reboots, both the films and series where all comedies, what made them work is that we had a family of weird, dark figures from some campy horror flick and they didn't realize they where different, going on their insane, adventures, completely oblivious how other people saw them. This show on the other hand is basically a Potteresque boardingschool drama, with supernatural elements, the entire show interprets the Addams family lore completely seriously, the Addamses know they are outcasts, Wednesday is an even bigger outcast, they are part of a logical fantasy universe where werewolves and vampires exist, very little is played for laughs, its honestly a bit jarring. The question then is, why base it on the Addams family, if you aren't going to use it as a vehicle for comedy? Beats me, they could have made just another Potter magic school drama, but no doubt thought brand recognition would pull in extra viewers. Imagine if they remade it as a wacky comedy show of young Wednesday going to school and bringing in her pet scorpion or Pugsley making his explosives during chemistry class or something, would be more enjoyable. About the woke stuff, yes plenty of it in there, from feminist leads, to many woke buzzwords, what you expect from a netflix show, though in all fairness, very little sex, very little gay, a few negro characters, though only a woman is part of the main heroic cast. It also is a typical show that plays towards your typical narcistic and autistic personality disorders, making them feel like they are special and not societies rejects. Which honestly is the worst aspect. About the show itself, meh, the gimmick is that Wednesday is a cold and unfeeling goth girl, with a sensitive hidden side, because her cruel personality is played completely straight, its not really that enjoyable, most of the side characters are fairly bland, the story gets increasingly more ridiculous as the show goes on, I think eventually Wednesday learns to express her feelings, I dunno, figured out from the beginning who where the main villains. To make it short, wrong franchise for the wrong genre, to woke, simple story and bad acting.  
Jan 1st 2023
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