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None of the characters are lovable. The Steve Jobs film was about how a crappy father and unbearable business partner was eccentric, innovative, and still somehow charming. The snappy dialogue keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and the motivations for each character are as clear as day.  You feel for them all and are ambivalent about Steve, but walk away with an overall inspired tone.

In comparison, this movie goes on and on... and on. Michael Keaton is talented but he's still playing a door to door scumbag. In fact, none of the characters are a joy to watch. I was annoyed at the naive gee golly founders, the nagging wife, and the douchebag salesmen. And to top it all off, there was no worthwhile theme weaving the events together.

"There Will Be Blood" exposed the greed of an era with gorgeous cinematography and acting, culminating in that legendary milkshake scene. This movie seemingly wanted to do something similar, but because they stayed too true to real life, the whole thing just fell short. After dragging on for an hour I finally skimmed through the last 20 minutes. Lame and anticlimactic.

Don't bother watching it. I only did because Kanye mentioned the Steve Jobs film and this one in some interview. And I had heard a lot of hubbub about them both.  Very disappointing. :/ Watch a YouTube history short about McDonald's or skim the Wiki instead.
Jan 1st 2023
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