Pop Culture’s Top 10 Movers and Shakers (2022 Edition)

After two years of tremors caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, 2022 felt, to many of us, like a return to normalcy. Movie theaters were open for business. People were connecting in person again, not just via social media or Zoom meetings. Many breathed an unmasked sigh of relief.

But in the world of pop culture, is anything truly normal?

Yes, theaters were open, but the litany of streaming services were still churning out first-run flicks at home. After years of dipping ratings, the Oscars regained their cultural relevancy—but for the worst of reasons. Social media heaved and roiled like a stormy sea.

Sure, the world of technology and entertainment was ostensibly a bit more normal this year. But the folks who landed on our annual Movers and Shakers list made sure that 2022 felt...

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Dec 30th 2022
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