Avatar: The Way of Water

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I confess: I did it. I saw the new installment of the space opera about blue cat people, Avatar: The Way of Water. I know; this officially makes me an incurable fanboy. The only pitiful excuse I have to offer in my defense is that we, the incurable fanboys, have been waiting for this thing since the last one came out in 2009.

Catching up briefly

After the events of the last film, most of the humans on the planet Pandora boarded their starship and bugged out for Earth. There are only a few left behind, for the most part some scientists friendly to the Na’vi, the blue cat people who are native to Pandora. Things are looking much improved without all the thuggish hired guns and (far worse) the treasure-seeking corporate wallet-heads who call the shots.

There are lots of...

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Dec 29th 2022
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