Judd Apatow doesn't disappoint
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One of the many late 2000 dudebro movies I've been watching lately. It's better than anything new, but it will never be a great filmgoing experience. It's why remakes and reboots are so popular, it's not just the member berries, it's because you want something reliable. Reliably subpar entertainment is better than woke trash. Besides, Judd Appatow killed it with Jokerย and his talent shines through even in dumb movies like this. It's a fusion of Cheech & Chong expressed through a modern day David Spade & Chris Farley. Over the years I grew to hate Seth Rogen because he only has one shtick and said a lot of TDS crap, but he is a like-able guy. If he had anything to do with the script he gets my respect. Wait, I just remembered his (((Elf))) show. Nvm. Mixed bag, but still tolerable.
Dec 29th 2022
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