1923: Episode 1.1: “1923”

"Auspicious, Compelling Debut"Content: -2 Extreme caution for older teenagers and adults.

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What You Need To Know:1923 is a prequel series on Paramount Plus to the popular series YELLOWSTONE starring Kevin Costner. Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, it shows how the Dutton family patriarch and matriarch face the threats of western expansion, Prohibition, fallout from World War I, and a terrible drought. All these are obstacles to Jacob and Cara Dutton, who are trying to keep their family, land and legacy intact. They have no children of their own but have raised two nephews. The younger nephew, Jack, works on the ranch with Jacob. The older nephew, a World War I veteran suffering PTSD, hunts man-eating lions and leopards...

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Dec 27th 2022
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