Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, 2022 - ★★½

Well, my cheerful traversal through Christmas Kino has taken a minor detour. After many missives detailing the problem with these “nu” superhero flicks (Marvel’s, specifically) e,g., using up fuel to discuss Shang-Chi’s annoying mess, and even more fuel to write about Waititi crapping on Thor and basically all of creative masculine mythology in Love and Thunder and turning it into a real dumb pocket of barely intellectual or deep smudge and more… to be frank, my initial thought was to not even bother writing about this next MCU installment. Why? Because what else is there even left to say, except the same old thing over and over again? Now why did my “bitter old man” self as Marvel lovers would love to nickname others dismayed with the Disney owned franchise (filmmakers and...

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Dec 28th 2022
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