Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which was released on Netflix on Friday, is the sequel to Rian Johnsonโ€™s 2019 mystery film Knives Out (reviewed by the author here). It is even worse than its overhyped predecessor: predictable, unfunny, and not nearly as clever as Johnson wants it to be.

The film is set on the private island of tech billionaire Miles Bron, who co-founded the company Alpha. Miles invites five friends to a murder mystery-themed party: Lionel Toussaint, Alphaโ€™s head scientist; Claire Debella, an aspiring senator; Birdie Jay, a celebrity and fashion designer; Duke Cody, a Joe Rogan-like YouTuber; and Andi, a black woman who founded Alpha with Miles. Detective Benoit Blanc is also present.

Miles is an insufferable faux hippie who refers to his mansion (the...

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Dec 27th 2022
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