REVIEW: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

2011’s Puss in Boots is a movie about which I feel conflicted. The animation and voice acting are excellent, and there’s a clear attempt to give the film emotional stakes. However, the final product is nothing special, leaving no lasting impression. I was shocked when DreamWorks announced a sequel over a decade later. Sure, we’re more than used to late sequels at this point, and animated ones gross a ton at the box office. But Puss in Boots? Does anyone even remember the first film? However, when they released the full trailer, I was in. The animation looked crisp, clean, and fluid, with some CG/hand-drawn hybrid magic from The Bad Guys. If anything could make Puss in Boots interesting in his own right, it would be bringing him to his lowest point and setting him off on a grand journey....

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Dec 27th 2022
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