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This was one of my favorite movies back in edgy my highschool criterion days, it's pretty disturbing, disgusting, unnerving and surreal. Something about the way the characters interact feels rather natural, while the dynamic and varied shots keeping an absurd surrealist tint on the setting and mood. Andrzej Zulawski intentionally keeps lots of themes and elements vague to bring the viewer into a mood of confusion, fear and distrust. Watching possession with Andrzej's commentary is darkly comedic as he explains some of how events in his early childhood and his experiences as a film maker in different countries, producing films in different languages, influenced the final cut of possession. Now that I'm a bit older the catastrophizing and existential dread exhibited in possession doesn't seem quite as deep. The marital dysphoria and neuroticism coded for by surrealist filmmaking is a sign of the times; post modern times, when one of the most basic social unions in the west was weakend by personalized psychology and psychoanalysis.
Dec 26th 2022
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