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I've never watched this til just now because I always thought I would hate it being a remake of a classic series with a younger, "hipper" cast and a female angle about it. I was wrong. It's quite excellent for modern standards. First off it's visually stunning and the effects are well done and over the top in a good way. Secondly there's more going on than the typical slasher or dumb horror film for modern audiences. This isn't pretentious A24 type horror either it kind of predates that trend by a couple of years. There are themes here that aren't just the usual degeneracy you'd expect. There's no drinking, drugging, or sex. It's about family bonds and responsibilities and not being able to run from them. It's anti-drug and junkie drug users who make their friends and family's lives a living hell. Coming before the social justice and alphabet rainbow takeover of society it even has moments where hints of abnormal sex are depicted as something disgusting and demonic. It's very anti witchcraft and dabbling in the occult and even being a skeptic science believer because the two characters who cause the most trouble in the film are a nerdy science type guy and a token minority healthcare provider friend who open the gates of hell by their curiosity and refuse to see it's not something some man-made cure or therapy can handle. Of course I am from the generation who were very entertained by the original trilogy of these films. But this remake or reboot or whatever it is takes the subject matter surprisingly more serious thanย  the Sam Raimi films. Those were frightening at times but they also had more than 50 percent slapstick (((Three Stooges))) style humor meant to be subversive and lighten up the subject matter. That was very post-modern cultural Marxist deconstructionism of what made the original Exorcist film so unsettling to the more religious generation a decade earlier. Because it's disarming if demon possession can make you laugh with its comedic pratfalls and stand up comedian like vulgarity. That earlier generation fainted when they saw Linda Blair's character debasing a crucifix and vomiting pea soup, but after years of deconstructing that by the likes of Raimi types it became a joke. Demonic possession in this remake is no joke. It's horrifying. It makes you look at these degenerate places like the Pacific Northwest filled with junkies and shitlib insane women and wonder if the living hell there is not crawling with literal demon possessed people. This film reminded me of those "new French extremity" horror films from the early to mid 00s like Haute Tension and others where there seemed to be a to use a pretentious phrase a "catharsis" to the action of the events. It's also one of the better if not among the best of the new generation of exorcism films like "Emily Rose" and others. The setting and the trauma of it all is almost like Lars von Trier's "AntiChrist" but for a broader audience of normie gorehounds and average theater goers and media consumers who'd never watch a more difficult to watch arthouse flick like that. The demon possessed here are also more like J-Horror vengeful ghosts than the 80s comedy horror "Deadites" if you take away their foul language. I just want to finish by recommending this to some people, like myself, who refused to watch this because they loved the Bruce Campbell movies so much. This isn't anything like the awful passing of the torch remakes we've endured over the last 7 or 8 years since "The Force Awakens." It's the rare "alternative take" that works and compliments the Evil Dead universe and in many ways is more respectful to what makes them scary than even the original films were. If you just want the gore and comedy and Bruce Campbell's macho antics then you'll hate it, but if you want a good exorcism type film that's thrilling then don't let this be missed by you because it's a "remake."
Dec 26th 2022
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