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Recently James "testosterone is toxic" Cameron said that he interfered too much in Tim Miller's version of this film by forcing him to add a bigger role for Arnold. You can see where the movie would have gone without Arnold. It's obvious that the director had a Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor romance angle by the way that the short haired man-looking chick wantonly looks at the little Latina "savior" of western civilization. There's a hilarious moment where Linda Hamilton's Karen character tells her younger costars that "you think you can sneak a Mexican national across the border?"... Ugh... yeah.. what reality do you live in? Oh, right, this was made when AOC was down at the border crying about "kids in cages."... Funny though given the millions of foreign nationals who've illegally crossed the border in the last couple years. Another obvious thing is the gender confusion sub-messaging hinted at throughout the film in different little moments. Border patrol catches the trio of main female characters and reports back via radio to the base that they have not 3 females in custody but mistakenly that it's "two females and a male" because of the hulking muscular size of the "enhanced" Karen Kyle Reese stand-in. A little later a medical team is checking the wounds of said Karen when she's unconscious and when she wakes up and goes Karen rage mode on them she berates them, "DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LOOK AT MY PRIVATE PARTS!" letting the audience know to never ask about the genitals of a trans person. They are whatever the trans person wants them to be. Bigot. A couple more scenes I think where it's brought up that this doesn't look like a normal female. I think they accidentally self owned themselves with all of that even with their trying to shove a trans message down the audiences throat. Never should have been so much comedy in Terminator 2 because they've ruined every Terminator that Arnold has been in since then with too much forced and cringeworthy humor. It's the one role where Arnold should been menacing. I get the awkwardness of a robot disguised as human but tone it back. Enough with the sunglasses and the need to emasculate him in some way like in T3 with the gaybar stuff and here with the interior decorator and beta male baby diaper changing family man nonsense. A couple of times Sarah Connor tells Arnold's Terminator to "keep John's name out of your mouth" because of the deathnail of the franchise opening scene where his terminator assassinates the boy John before he becomes the man hero of the resistance leading to this very dark fate where dykes rule. At the very end of the movie Arnold's Terminator redeems himself in the eyes of the lord Karen by sacrificing "himself" to kill the Tex Mex T-1000 (he's evil because he is shown to represent minorities who participate with the heritage American white populace system against minority displacement immigration). When Arnold looks up at her he says, "for John" and it's the one time she accepts it with a tear in her eyes. Me, however, I became the dyke Karen transwoman the future needs by yelling back "keep his name out your damn mouth!"... after seeing this abomination come to its conclusion. I'd rather 2 hours of weirdo mess of a former child star Edward Furlong in a heroin stupor than ever see this movie again. Though this is the perfect trainwreck of everything they've done wrong with legacy franchises.
Dec 25th 2022
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