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This documentary of the BBC, actually has a lot of good highlights, it doesn't just talk about historical figures, but goes into musical theory, trying to explain how cadences work for example, it comparison between classical and modern music is not always appreciated but important for the audience itself. Up until the late 19th century its a decent documentary.

But of course, if this documentary was genuinely good the BBC would not produce it, the documentary is filled with a lot of PC bullcrap, from using Dvorak to talk about the appropriation of coloured music, too many slices on black music, negative attitude towards Wagner, a few Hitler flashes, some feminist tidbits thrown in. etc.

Its treatment on 20th century music is also incredibly dated, why not talk on Stockhausen's influence on the Beatles or modern techno, why not show some more White big bands, in staid it just keeps going on about blues and swing music, which is so outdated and 70's its not even fun. The classical music shown from the late 19th century to the present also gets increasingly more dissonant, so you go from the pleasant atmosphere of the classical era, to a bit of a noise fest.

All in all, I do recommend it, there is too much good pieces that it outweighs the obvious propaganda.

Dec 24th 2022
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