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watching the cutscenes from this and I noticed that their portrayal of Odin is pretty odd. He comes off like a scheming Jew. Nothing like the classic portrayal of the mythological figure or Norse god. He's a tiny, bald, weak looking man who talks like he's trying to con someone out of a penny. Anyone else notice this? or have any other comments on the game? the portrayal of Thor wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He's still a big scary badass even though of course they got to subvert it all by making the Norse gods the villains but that's the series for you. About killing Gods. So the gods have to be the bad guys, though it worked easier when dealing with Greek gods who were pretty corrupt. There's some blacks in the giants bloodline here for some reason.. annoying young adult sh*t going on. everyone talks like they are in a Netflix series from the current year and not in old Norse or old English. Kratos is pretty symbolic of all the grizzled soldier type dads now who are checked out mentally and allowing all the degeneracy in society to happen because they're so cucked and shellshocked.
Dec 24th 2022
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