THE SANTA CLAUSES: CHAPTER 5 & 6: “Across the Yule-Verse” and “A Christmas to Remember”

"Christmas Without Jesus the Savior Is Not Christmas"Content: -1 Caution advised for older children, including teenagers, and sensitive adults.

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What You Need To Know:THE SANTA CLAUSES: CHAPTER 5 & 6 are the big finale to the miniseries. In the episodes, Scott Calvin’s former Number One Elf, Bernard, convinces Scott to return to the North Pole, to stop his successor, Simon, from destroying the “magic of Christmas.” First, Bernard introduces Scott to the 17 other Santa Clauses, beginning with St. Nicholas, who started it all. Scott and his wife and two children return separately to the North Pole. Can they make Simon see reason? Can they find a way to make the people back on Earth to regain their Christmas...

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Dec 20th 2022
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