Here’s What You Missed About the Overrated ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

Few films earned as much hipster cred this year than “Bodies Bodies Bodies.”

Modern critics are more amenable to horror of late, and that helped. The film’s mostly female cast and director didn’t hurt, either, nor its diverse cast.

The rest, alas, is a mystery.

The indie thriller is a mediocre pastiche of Gen Z types, one more detestable than the next. It’s common for genre films to make potential victims worthy of their fate, but “Bodies” takes that to a grinding new level.

The biggest shocker? The film skewers the woke agenda, but somehow most critics didn’t mind. That’s progress, of sorts.

Young lovers Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and Bee (Maria Bakalova) open the film with a series of long, wet open-mouth kisses.

Take that, Red State America!

The sequence,...

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Dec 18th 2022
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