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Mixed feelings about this, like In Bruges, this is a dark character comedy. Most of the jokes are fairly subtle and land like jabs. The problem I see is in the characters themselves. The characters interact in a somewhat obtuse way. The whole plot is a metaphor for the Irish Civil war, which is occurring in the background of the film, but never touches the characters directly as they live of the coast on a island. I know basically nothing about the Irish civil war, but I'm not of the thinking that war is lacking in reason or purpose and just happens like a sudden madness. The two main characters in Banshees of Inisherin are written to feud over misunderstanding, childish grievances, and self destructive tendencies that are not as complicated as the film portrays them to be. They seem to purpose build as rhetoric for a somewhat over simplified "civil war bad" ideology. The side characters themselves are unintegrated into the plot for the most part, disappearing from screen until they are needed to spur the two main characters into a new bend of their complicated relationship or provide a shock. This is a dialogue heavy film, and a lot of the lines are characters exclaiming about how strange or bizarre all the scenarios they find themselves in are. I'd like to say that the manner of speaking is relatively authentic to how 1920's Irish islanders would, but I'm not the best judge of that.
Dec 18th 2022
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