Could be worse! Not crazy woke but not a great movie
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Prolly more like a 2.5 than a flat 2, it's not a horrible movie, just kind of underwhelming.

Not super woke from what I could tell (aside from the obvious anti-colonization tree-hugging hippie themes) but overall not a fantastic movie and it kinda pales compared to the first one. You could see it if you want to though.

You could actually argue there's some pro-family messaging in here. Jake Sully is a traditional father and is portrayed as a strong protector rather than as a villain or a weakling. I was very happy to see that.

So the pros:

  • Some impressive special effects and beautiful scenery.
  • Kinda pro-family messaging, and nothing more overtly woke than the first film
  • Lots of half-naked blue people (if you're into that)

The cons:

  • Overlong, it feels like the final battle takes up half the movie, and there's a lot of excess.
  • Repetitive compared to the first. It doesn't really introduce much new stuff - they reused a lot of the 3d assets from the first film, the plot is basically the same beat-for-beat, no new music themes.
  • Lots of set-up for the sequels. Not sure if this movie was necessary at all, it could arguably be called filler for when the sequels drop.
  • Advances the anti-human agenda.
  • Lots of half-naked blue people (if you're not into that)
Dec 17th 2022
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