‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Review

Avatar: The Way of Water is like almost nothing you’ve ever seen before in a very literal way: the combination of high frame rate (HFR), 3D, and 4K projection you’ll see it in via an IMAX or Dolby-branded theater is, simply, different from your normal big screen outing. It’s a sui generis sort of viewing experience, unless you happen to be one of the 12 people who watched Ang Lee’s Gemini Man in 3D HFR IMAX.

What does all this mean? You’re probably familiar with 3D and 4K, as there’s a decent chance you own a 4K TV and you have probably seen a movie or two in 3D in theaters. But “high frame rate” is the game changer here and it’s the thing people will notice the most when they sit down to watch Avatar: The Way of Water. A brief explainer: Once upon a time, “film” was...

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Dec 16th 2022
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