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I was in the mood for an Audrey Hepburn film after I saw a short documentary about her, after going through her film cataloque I stumbled on this delightful little film, a musical and a romantic-comedy, its a great little piece, though primarily for the actors themselves and the Paris scenery, with the film depicting a idealised and romantic view of life, with the occasional dark underbelly. Hepburn plays a shy, bookish girl with her head in the clouds, who gets selected by a photographer played by Fred Astaire, to become a model, for her personality, naturally. The introverted bookish girl needs some convincing before she is set out to become a big model, but when she hears she will go to Paris, where she will be able to meet her idol, a bohemien philosophers, she decides to break with her standards. Though this is a song and dance musical comedy, I actually don't find the musical score that good, many of the songs don't work, the lyrics don't always flow with the music, some of the dance routins are lack luster, though overal the film has a lot of charm to it, Hepburn steals the film, its overal an enoyable and light-hearted film, with plenty of beautiful scenery and nice fashion models.
Dec 16th 2022
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