Rituals and Adrenochrome: The Dark Meaning of “The Watcher”, a Netflix Series Based on a True Story

Warning: Colossal spoilers ahead!

The Watcher is a Netflix series based on the true story of the Broadduses, a family that received a series of disturbing letters after purchasing a home in 2014.

The letters and the saga that ensued were documented in a 2018 New York Magazine article that detailed the creepy contents of the letters. After years of investigations and all kinds of twists and turns, the culprit was never found … Or is it all a cover-up?

The article that inspired the Netflix series.

While the Netflix series is considered to be a work of fiction, its premise closely follows what happened in real life.

The True Story After purchasing a stately, six bedrooms house in the affluent town of Westfield, New Jersey, the Broaddus family started receiving bizarre and increasingly...

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Dec 14th 2022
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