Dark Council : Christmas Special | Black Adam Rock Exposed | Patty Jenkins Confession | Disney News
01:23:54 "... that bonus scene in Black Adam ..."
01:34:38 "... Black Adam yeah it's over right so ..."
02:00:18 "... end of Black Adam when Henry Cavill came ..."
02:00:45 "... put that Cameo at the end of Black Adam ..."
02:00:50 "... not only put it at the end of Black Adam ..."
02:11:16 "... part of that is on is it a 2022 thing ..."
02:12:43 "... especially after Black Adam with a tease ..."

The Dark Council strikes again as we celebrate Christmas on a level you never seen before, we will speak on DCEU news with The Rock Black Adam team lying about box office numbers, we will speak on the Patty Jenkins confession she made about her Wonder Woman 3 project being dropped and more Disney News , DCEU news , Star Wars News and MCU news.

In the DCEU we will discuss how The Rock Dwayne Johnson might have ruined his chance with a sequel within the DCEU or should I say DCU. Numbers were lied about and promoted when it comes to the Box Office and Warner Bros Discovery is already in big trouble for lying about numbers when it comes to HBO Max streaming services. Also in DCEU News or DCU news Patty Jenkins posted on twitter on why she has not released anything about Wonder Woman 3 and Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Looks like she is guilty about something and we will break it down.

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Dec 13th 2022
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