Cringe Is Still On The Menu
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Fedora Tipping
Don't watch unless free, and don't see in theaters. In a nutshell, this is a service industry horror revenge fantasy. The dialogue written into the script conveys that to the audience in a very direct and blunt way. Every character was written to be hated and have cartoonishly weird character defects and egos for the sake of the macabre restaurant revenge art piece that Ralph Fienne's character is putting on at his establishment. If you had to work in the food service industry during covid this movie seems like it was, quite literally, made just for you; you'll also have to be a real life self absorbed nitwit on top of that though or you'll probably have the same impression as I had. You get to see dumb #metoo pandering and a very unfunny student loan joke as well for comedic relief as well.
Dec 12th 2022
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