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Started watching Guillermo's "Pinocchio" and was not feeling it. Will eventually go back and finish it but the first 10 minutes were too cheery and it felt like a cheesy Disney movie. So we switched to this other well reviewed classic of Guillermo's. It didn't disappoint. There are many similar themes as Pan's Labyrinth has but it's unique enough to be well worth the watch. It also has the perfect balance of horror with drama and storytelling. I'm not a huge horror fan, especially not the nonstop gore type. This was heavy and hard to watch in terms of gloomy content, but the ratio of tension to release was very kino. Oh, and Guillermo explains why the ghost in this movie is called "the one who sighs." It's because of his ghost encounter with his uncle. So this confirms my take that Pan's Labyrinth was meant to be reality. And that Guillermo believes in some metaphysical stuff and films things as if they exist. Also, this analysis was the best I could find but you have to watch it at 1.5x speed: Juacinto's character isn't explicitly fascist but as the analysis says, it's definitely implicit that he represents the falangist toxic masculinity in contrast with the simp(ish) boy and grandpa characters. There's lots of historical context in that analysis too if you were as curious as I was with Pan's Labyrinth. Good stuff. Amazing storytelling. Highly recommend.
Dec 11th 2022
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