‘Empire of Light’ Is a Glorious Visual Feast (But Not Much Else)

Every film lover has their favorite movie theater, a place that lives in the mind as not merely a place to sit and escape but a temple that allows for memory and imagination to run wild as we gaze into someone else’s dreams.

Yes, I’m talking about brick-and-mortar movie theaters, some of which can be described as the kind of charmingly run down, downright sleazy auditoriums with impossibly sticky floors and seats that clang after you get up to leave.

There are also the movie palaces, those gorgeous monuments that, by mere entrance, give you the feel that you’re about to witness something truly special, despite the title on your ticket declaring “Freddy Got Fingered.”

Anyone who views filmgoing as a place to get lost and found in the flicker of an artist’s cinematic dreams...

Proper Review
Dec 10th 2022
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