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Nov 15 I wanted to do a thread on the various kingdoms and people groups of Middle-earth during the Lord of the Rings.

The Peter Jackson films although fantastic, donโ€™t do a good job at giving an impression of a land filled with life. So here we go

Elven Realms of Lindonโ€”ruled by Cรญrdan the Shipwright. Losing population rapidly to departure of the Elves but still very much a functioning polity in the 3rd Age. This realm is a mix of all kinds of Elves from Teleri to Sindar to Noldorโ€”Cirdan himself being Teleri

Rhun and the Iron Hills

Rhun is the land that holds the various kingdoms of the Easterlings that are under Sauronโ€™s domination. There are many cities particularly around the See of Rhun and the Dwarves of the Iron Hills...

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Dec 9th 2022
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