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Many people know of the Herzog film “Aguirre, Wrath of God”, where Klaus Kinski plays the title role as an insane and villainous conquistador. But the true story of the Basque wanderer Lope de Aguirre far exceeds in horror and villainy what could be shown on screen.

Of all the vicious and brutal men who came with the Spanish conquistadors, Lope de Aguirre, known as “El Loco” was one of the worst. After being publicly flogged, he vowed revenge against the judge and stalked him for three years before stabbing him through the skull.

In 1558, the Marquis of Cañete was sent as viceroy to Peru by the Spanish king to reestablish justice and order, in particular to end the enslavement of Indians. The servants of the king barely maintained order against the villainous...

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Dec 9th 2022
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