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Decided to watch an old Dutch film, picked a play list on YouTube and watched this one, Help, de Dokter Verzuipt! (Help, the Docter is Drowning!), is one I hadnt watched yet and I havent missed very much. Its a slightly fun, but overall flat romantic-comedy about a docter and the many weird and quirky character in a small Catholic town in Brabant. The film tries to tell a story about the lives of the many characters, the docter, a construction worker, the baron and his wife, a pack of gypsies, the school teacher the docter loves, a lot of jokes kinda fall flat, the film does get better a little bit near the end and it does have its charm. Though a side note, it does have this fixation in portraying gypsies as basically fun loving and honerable folk, that love to be naked and one of the nuns is black, so its certainly not a completely White rural comedy. Gypsies of course are not fun loving, nature people, they are thieves at best. Though some of the gypsie music played during the film is pleasant to the ears.
Dec 8th 2022
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