The Plugged In Show, Episode 159: Tech and Teen Motivation & Enola Holmes 2

LISTEN TO THE PLUGGED IN SHOW, EPISODE 159 If you’re parenting teenagers—and my wife and I are in the thick of that journey right now—you know that cracking the code on what motivates them can feel challenging at times. And as amazing as today’s omnipresent technology is, sometimes it seems as if all those devices and screens might be undermining teen motivation. How does technology (and all the content that streams through it) impact our kids’ willingness to attend to their responsibilities? And how to we navigate that territory as parents who want to shape their kids’ habits in positive, healthy ways? We talk about those questions and more in our first segment.

And in our second segment, Plugged In reviewer Bob Hoose is going to bring us up to speed on Enola Holmes 2 on...

Proper Review
Dec 8th 2022
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