Symbolic Pics of the Month (December 2022)

The Pirelli Calendar is considered by some to be the “most prestigious calendar in the world”. While, for decades, it was all about glamour shots of A-list models, recent editions focused on pushing agenda and narratives. Like everything else in pop culture, the fun is gone. The 2023 Pirelli Calendar revolves around the concept of “magical realism” where each celebrity model plays the role of a muse. And it’s all very symbolic.

This pic is titled “The Photographer” and everything about it screams out witchcraft. Coincidently enough, “magical realism” is a great way of defining witchcraft. On the right, the black veil thing makes a one-eye sign. That’s because this calendar is now under the control of the occult elite.

According to the photographer, Bella Hadid plays...

Contains Mention
Dec 6th 2022
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