REVIEW: The Fabelmans (2022)

I have to admit that I don’t have quite the history with Steven Spielberg that most movie fans probably do. I grew up with one Indiana Jones VHS tape –The Temple of Doom. I didn’t know this movie was part of a series until years later when my dad got a DVD set of the then-trilogy. I didn’t see E.T. or Jaws until years later, when I sought them out for myself. I love the Indiana Jones movies, and Spielberg is undoubtedly a titanic talent in the industry; nobody is questioning that, least of all me. I only say all this to clarify my status as more of a passive Spielberg appreciator than an outright fanatic. When ads came out for The Fabelmans, I assumed it would be good. Paul Dano and Michelle Williams are among the most talented actors of their generation, and it’s a passion project...

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Dec 7th 2022
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