The Not-So-Strange Reason Why Strange World Flopped

Back in August, I wrote a blog titled “Summer’s Numbers Don’t Lie: We’re Not Interested in Agendas.” Well, the winter box office has put an exclamation point on that assertion. And if you look closely, its name is Strange World.

With two weekends under its belt, Disney’s expected blockbuster has been a bust. The animated tale earned just $18.9 million during the five-day Thanksgiving weekend—traditionally one of the box office’s biggest frames. (For comparison, Frozen II earned $125 million during the same Thanksgiving timeframe in 2019.) And if Disney thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Strange World lost 60% of its audience in its second weekend and collected just $5.1 million.

Keep in mind, animated family movies—especially Disney animated movies—historically...

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Dec 6th 2022
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