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A film I happened to discover while going from Fahrenheit's recommendations on imdb and just clicking away, overal its a fairly mediocre romantic-comedy of a chubby loser getting the pretty girl, except the weird premise is that its basically our Earth, except nobody can lie, or has any imagination, so in the mind of the creator of this film, this just means you casually mention you masturbate, or you hate someone. So basically a world of people with some kind of asperger syndrome? Where the idea of deception is completely unknown, except for our protagonist, who suddenly discovers the idea of lying and uses it to get money, write imaginary stories and then invents the (most reddit tier) idea of heaven, hell and God. In all fairness, it does have its moral moments, because he no longer has to tell the truth, he can tell a friend not to kill himself, or make people happy, in that sense the film makes you think, we tell lies and create illusion primarily to make other people happy, also with the ability to lie, our protagonist suddenly no longer views other people as external objects, but can imagine them with a personality and the fears, desires and ambition that follow. These last elements bump it up from a 3 stars to 4 stars, the film indirectly asks some questions about the nature of truth and the value of selfdeception, even if its hit and miss at times and a little bit silly.
Dec 5th 2022
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