Watch: Kevin Costner goes off on environmental bureaucrats in 'Yellowstone' and America needs to see it

There was a scene in last week's Yellowstone that, while I hate the phrase "anti-woke", a scene like this is why it's used. "Anti-woke" describes anything that doesn't paint progressive dogma in pretty colors. To set the stage, Governor John Dutton entered the capitol and noticed about a dozen people having a meeting he didn't know about. It was his policy council discussing the policies the Governor supports.

Gov. Dutton decided that, if there was going to be a meeting about the policies he's supporting, he should be a part of it. Maybe even have some input. Since, you know, he's the governor and he's the one who was elected by the people.

I finally found the clip from Sundayโ€™s #Yellowstone that beautifully illustrates the hypocrisy of some environmentalists. Please enjoy:


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Dec 3rd 2022
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