REVIEW: Violent Night (2022)

I can’t remember the last time I loved a movie as much as I loved Violent Night. It hit every single button of mine, moved me, excited me, made me laugh, and gave me something genuinely surprising. I loved Top Gun: Maverick (which I finally saw a few months ago, before Tuggs shot me dead), but I didn’t walk out of the theater as happy as I just did. Those are my emotions, though; I’ll be technical and critical below, as fair as I can be to this and the art form, but even still, Violent Night is something special.

On Christmas Eve, the sinfully wealthy Lightstone family gathers in their vast estate in the woods of Connecticut to celebrate the Season. But when a team of mercenaries seize the mansion and its grounds and take the family hostage, their only hope lies with the one guest the...

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Dec 3rd 2022
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