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Episode 16 is my favorite. Watch that one to see if you will like the whole anime. There are only minor spoilers in that one. The show is a slice of life anime about a hikikomori/NEET. Some incels on 4chan have an excuse to be misanthropic shut-ins. But many of them are mentalcels in a pessimisticย  echochamber circle jerk. This anime is a dark comedy about the various aspects of such a life. The women hating archetype transcends borders and their satirization of them is just as hilarious for Westerners since ours act the same. In one scene around episode 10-ish? the neighbor is shouting about how all women are evil because he was rejected, then he gets a call from a girl and immediately betrays all of his principles for a crumb of p***y.)
Dec 2nd 2022
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