Who is 'Cocaine Bear' and why is everyone on the internet including Elon Musk talking about him?

When I first heard my peers talking about "cocaine bear," I assumed it was omnibus spending time and my tax dollars were being wasted. We all remember the late, great Sen. Tom Coburn exposing the coked-up stimulus monkeys. Instead, Cocaine Bear is a new movie -- based on real events -- coming to theaters in 2023. It stars Ray Liotta in his final role. Though, I'm guessing the star of Goodfellas and Field of Dreams wishes he squeezed one more out before passing.

Allow Cocaine Bear to introduce himself.

I'm the bear who ate cocaine. This is my story. pic.twitter.com/txBSiUl5hL

— Cocaine Bear (@cocainebear) November 30, 2022

Everyone is excited Cocaine Bear will finally have his story told.

Always wondered about that bear …

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 1, 2022

It also features...

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Dec 1st 2022
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