She Said, 2022 - ★★

I saw it because were talking about it on ATMA; I guess the real problem here is that it’s a totally uninteresting journalism process story? Like, THE INSIDER is interesting because CBS is trying to kill the story; SHATTERED GLASS is interesting because it’s about the perversion of justice; ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN is interesting, at least in part, because it culminates with them f**king the story up! Even SPOTLIGHT features some internal pushback, IIRC. THE POST is really more of a legal thriller than a journalism movie, and also it’s directed by Spielberg so it doesn’t look like a TV movie.*

But this is just … them talking to people with the full support of the Times? And no real interference from anyone?

Anyway, my big takeaway here is that they should’ve made Ronan Farrow’s...

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Nov 27th 2022
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